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Andrea Torrens

Quilter,  Designer,  Teacher,  Bag Maker

I offer both in-person, and live, interactive online quilting classes on Zoom, from Introductory to Advanced

New - In Person classes in NDG Montreal!


Who Am I?

I have been a passionate, addicted quilter and bag maker for over 20 years. Sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge through teaching both privately and in groups is also what I love to do.  I excel at helping novice quilters quickly realize their potential. Zoom is my current platform for teaching, and I have adapted my classes to suit the virtual environment. Students say they love not having to lug all their supplies to a classroom, and even students new to quilting say they feel able to follow along quite easily.

Zoom brings us close to quilters in all parts of the world.

Why Did I Start Teaching?

I love to talk about quilting, and share my enthusiasm and knowledge with others. Because quilting makes my life so full and happy, I want to share this passion and allow others to experience this same pleasure! I strive for a fun, informative and supportive classroom environment allowing everyone to work at their own pace.Through my years of teaching, I realize that every student brings a variety of strengths, skill levels, and needs, and I like to use different approaches to help each individual student achieve success. Together, let's enjoy the journey, as well as the end product!

What Makes Quilting Such Fun?

Quiltmaking of long ago was often utilitarian, using scraps of fabric found around the home. Nowadays it has become an art form, and technology has helped refine and perfect techniques, speeding up the process of completing a quilt. But one important aspect of the hobby endures -- Quilting is a wonderful social pastime where good friendships develop.

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